There really is a war between the sexes

Psychologists have been explaining that men and women have some conflicting strategies in regards to dating, sex, and relationships for years, and I have recently found this part of science absolutely fascinating! This excerpt is from a book I am currently reading called Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck by Amy Alkon:

These “conflicting strategies” seem to have emerged from our differing physiologies and the ensuing differences in what sex can end up costing us…

A cave man could so a cave lady behind a bush and just walk away, no child support, no nothing, and still pass on his genes. Consequently, men evolved to have this extremely unsentimental sexuality: getting aroused at the mere sight of a nubile woman. Since women can get pregnant from as single sex act, and since there were few suckier places to be a single mother than 1.8 million years ago on the African savannah [or article tundra!], women evolved to care a lot less about a man’s looks than his ability and willingness to provide. Although we now have reliable birth control, our genes are extraordinarily slow learners, so these competing sexual strategies remain.

Yes, men want hotties. Women want hotties but will settle for a homely gazillionaire!

There is actually science behind all of our preferences for sex and relationships! More to come….

In the meantime, check out Amy Alkon’s book on amazon:


There is no right way to give birth!

…Just let it be your way, based on your educated and informed decisions. Here is a powerful article written about encouraging women to be proud of the work their body has done. 

Nobody is perfect, perfection is an elusive ideal, so why do we continue to hold ourselves to this unrealistic goal??  

Get inspired and empowered here:

“Pink Collar” Jobs: Should we push our men to be more feminine? 


Men’s Lib!

“SO far the gender revolution has been a one-sided effort. Women have entered previously male precincts of economic and political life, and for the most part they have succeeded. They can lead companies, fly fighter jets, even run for president. But along the way something crucial has been left out. We have not pushed hard enough to put men in traditionally female roles — that is where our priority should lie now”

…or should it??

Check out the full story below😉

Guided Relaxation Recordings

Get your labor on with relaxation scripts and recordings–hypnobirthing style😉

This style isn’t for everybody, but it does have a time and a place. Maybe you could use these recordings to get back to sleep or relax while in that early labor stage, or maybe meditation will be your ticket to a relaxing and complete birth experience.

Check out the options and techniques at


Yoga for my mind and body: Vinyasa Style

I’m still on this yoga kick and I am still loving it! Using my body weight during these vinyasa yoga sessions has totally transformed my core muscles–I am feeling leaner and stronger. I am back on night shift now too, so yoga is my go to for reentering my chaotic schedule.

Check out the first of the Flow series in my last post…


Yoga for your mind and body

Yoga Flow 1

feme favor

This low impact work out is perfect for those days when you just don’t have the energy or time to go out for a long hike, bike, or run. For me, this workout is perfect for my night shift blues and minimal-moderate motivation🙂

So here I am, finally on the yoga bandwagon! I’m no yogi, but I know the benefits for your mind and body are hard to turn down😉

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